Take your ideas to the NEXT level

Welcome to NEXT 2018

The NEXT 2018 Conference is designed to be an interactive and highly-engaging forum. It will encourage and explore fresh ideas and provide opportunities to network with the leaders who are set to shape the future of physiotherapy.

With content emphasising technology and the future of practice, business and education, we will explore what lies ahead in the areas of work and leadership, and provide invaluable business insights that will take the profession to the NEXT level.

The future is impossible to predict but the NEXT 2018 Conference will provide a foundation to help attendees prepare, understand and manage the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Our program

The APA Conference, NEXT 2018, will consist of a program combining three main themes, calling for abstracts in the following areas:

Practice—application or use of an idea, belief, or method within the practise of physiotherapy.

Business—the business of physiotherapy, focusing specifically on management and leadership within a physiotherapy business or workplace.

Education—building expert skills in the areas of learning, teaching, supervision and research with a focus on both patient and professional education.

















Matt Church

Leadership expert

    Avril Henry

    Leadership strategist

      Leigh Carmichael

      Creative Director, MONA, Dark Mofo

        Tim Blake

        Managing Director of Semantic Consulting

          Shawana Andrews

          Lecturer in Indigenous Health, The University of Melbourne

            Tina Brock

            Professor of Pharmacy Education and Practice in the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Monash University

              Terry Sweeney

              Managing Director, IBM Watson Health

                Alex Allwood

                Customer experience consultant, All Work Together Pty Ltd.

                  John Davie

                  CEO, Professional Performance Specialists


                    is putting together a dynamic program exploring the NEXT level for the physiotherapy profession.
                    Three themes will make up the program—practice, business and education—showcasing keynote speakers, invited speakers and abstract submissions.
                    We are excited to be introducing a new stream specifically designed for physiotherapy support staff. This program will run concurrently on Day 2, Saturday 6 October.

                    Download the current Abstract Book.

                    7.30am onwards
                    Registration & Exhibition
                    Room: Grand Ballroom

                    Welcome to country
                    Conference welcome
                    Conference opening


                    Keynote speaker: Matt Church
                    10.30 – 11.15am
                    Morning tea and exhibition
                    Room: Grand Ballroom
                    Speaker: TBC
                    12.20 – 1.20pm
                    Lunch and exhibition


                    Room: Ballroom 1



                    Implementing smart models of care, utilising technology, what works?

                    Invited speaker: Michael Wright (TBC)


                    The NEXT wave of healthcare funding reforms

                    Speaker: Marcus Dripps


                    Room: Ballroom 2
                    Best practice for reducing, identifying, and managing vexatious complaints

                    Invited speaker: Catherine Miedecke


                    Complaints about physiotherapists – balancing public safety with the notifier/practitioner experience

                    Speaker: Alison Bell


                    Preventing harm before it happens – using data to inform risk-based regulation of physiotherapists

                    Speaker: Cherie Hearn


                    Room: Ballroom 3
                    Innovative curriculum development

                    Invited speaker: Tina Brock


                    Room: Harbour View Room 1
                    Who is NEXT? How to empower emerging leaders within a multidisciplinary team in a public setting.

                    Speaker: Sara Brentnall


                    Enhancing health professional workforce capacity within the National Disability Insurance Scheme: a pilot study

                    Speaker: Prue Morgan


                    Room: Ballroom 2
                    Physiotherapy business models and increasing the value of your business into a valuable and sellable commodity

                    Invited speaker: John Davie


                    Room: Ballroom 3
                    Cultural safety, embedding Indigenous ways of knowing in physiotherapy curriculum

                    Invited speaker: Shawana Andrews


                    Using Indigenous place and voice to guide physiotherapy students towards culturally safe practice

                    Speaker: Joanne Bolton


                    Room: Harbour View Room 1
                    ‘Bounce Back’ clinic: A primary care multidisciplinary one stop clinic for frailty

                    Speaker: Amanda Hensman-crook


                    Innovating upstream – engaging older adults in the development of exercise tools for PREhabilitation

                    Speaker: Meg Lowry


                    How to fix Workers Compensation; A cure for a broken system, a NSWPF initiative

                    Speaker: Connor Gleadhill

                    3.00 – 3.30pm
                    Afternoon tea and exhibition


                    Room: Ballroom 1
                    Transformational leadership – putting theory into practice

                    Speaker: Kellie Stockton


                    Leading physios to lead

                    Speaker: Siona Hardy


                    Micro-ambition to combat SMAT goals

                    Speaker: Siona Hardy


                    Room: Ballroom 2
                    How to grow a values-led team that drives clinic growth

                    Speaker: Jack O’Brien


                    How to use technology to grow and market your clinic in 2018 (not 1998!)

                    Speaker: Jack O’Brien


                    Room: Ballroom 3
                    Gate keeping the next generation of physiotherapists: Assessing adequate standard in clinical practice

                    Speaker: Ruth Dunwoodie


                    Supporting future Indigenous health researchers using a PhD familiarisation program

                    Speaker: Warwick Padgham


                    The global learning partnership: Health promotion and community engagement in an international and inter-professional partnership

                    Speaker: Carolyn Cracknell


                    Room: Harbour View Room 1
                    Patient communication and business success: Analysis on the role of patient communication on practice success

                    Speaker: Hootan Mohseni


                    How great patient experiences lead to healthier physiotherapy businesses

                    Speaker: Daniel Gibbs

                    5.00 – 7.00pm
                    Welcome reception: Henry Jones Hotel
                    10.00am onwards
                    Registration and exhibition
                    Room: Grand Ballroom
                    Embracing the change mandate – the 2020 digital transformation agenda for Australia’s healthcare sector
                    Keynote speaker: Tim Blake
                    12 – 1.00pm
                    Lunch and exhibition


                    Welcome to the Era of Cognitive Healthcare. Empowering Heroes, Transforming Health. Big Data & AI.
                    Room: Ballroom 1
                    Topic TBC

                    Invited Speaker: Terry Sweeney


                    Room: Ballroom 2
                    Evidence in your inbox: Free delivery of up-to-date, practice-relevant research direct to physiotherapists

                    Speaker: Anne Moseley


                    Delivering a successful private practice research program – evolving insights

                    Speaker: Anthea Goslin


                    Building research capacity in allied health practice

                    Speaker: Susan Slade


                    Room: Ballroom 3
                    How do you facilitate high-value placements in your practice?

                    Invited speaker: Mick Reynolds


                    The role of clinical placements in Indigenous health

                    Speaker: Lowana Williams


                    Enriching physiotherapy student education with interdisciplinary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health curriculum

                    Speaker: Alison Francis-Cracknell


                    Room: Harbour View Room 1
                    Developing business culture

                    Speaker: Cris Massis


                    Room: Ballroom 1
                    Technology: Initiating digital innovation panel

                    Speaker(s): TBC


                    Room: Ballroom 2
                    How to: Physiotherapist not counsellor: Quick and easy steps to address patient thinking barriers to treatment advice

                    Speaker: Caroline Bills


                    The global physio practice has arrived

                    Speaker: Melissa Mcconaghy


                    Room: Ballroom 3
                    How to embed student research in clinical practice: Strategies to maximise mutual success

                    Speaker: Verity Pacey


                    Fully online higher degrees: The NEXT step towards competency milestones in the physiotherapy career pathway?

                    Speaker: Louisa Remedios


                    Room: Harbour View Room 1
                    Admin mastery: The value of a good reception and support team in a physiotherapy business

                    Speaker: Daniel Gibbs


                    Room: Ballroom 1
                    How to use wearable technology to identify musculoskeletal injury risk in the workplace

                    Speaker: Scott Coleman


                    Is telehealth revolutionising or destroying the physiotherapy profession? You decide…

                    Speaker: Karen Finnin


                    Room: Ballroom 2
                    How to: First contact physiotherapist in primary care; The art of possible

                    Speaker: Amanda Hensman-crook


                    Perceptions about the implementation of physiotherapist prescribing in Australia: A national survey

                    Speaker: Tim Noblet


                    Room: Ballroom 3
                    Student fitness to practise – strategies from the coalface

                    Speaker: Kristin Lo


                    Student fitness to practise self-declaration – An innovative approach

                    Speaker: Kristen Lo


                    Social media for millennials: Current policy education in entry-to-practice Physiotherapy programs.

                    Speaker: Alex Hansford-Smith


                    Room: Harbour View Room 1
                    Practice management and the science of moving numbers

                    Speaker: John Davie

                    3.30 – 4.00pm
                    Afternoon tea and exhibition
                    Room: Grand Ballroom
                    Maximising the customer experience

                    Keynote Speaker: Alex Allwood

                    7.00 – 11.30pm
                    Conference Dinner: Glen Albyn Estate
                    8.00am onwards
                    Registration and exhibition
                    Room: Grand Ballroom
                    Creative Risk

                    Invited speaker: Leigh Carmichael

                    10.30 – 11.15am
                    Morning tea and exhibition


                    Room: Ballroom 1
                    There’s an app for that – Apps and technology for physiotherapy businesses

                    Speaker: Daniel Gibbs


                    The future of rehabilitation is here: Medibank’s rehabilitation at home program

                    Speaker: Anna Barker


                    Digital disruption – balancing increased patient access with regulating to manage risk

                    Speaker: Kim Gibson


                    Room: Ballroom 2
                    Peta Kucha presentations: 4 leaders in 400 seconds on 4 essential NEXT steps for our profession

                    Invited speakers: Melissa Locke, Michael Reynolds, Kath Philip, Jonathon Kruger


                    Room: Ballroom 3
                    Peer patient: Students’ abilities to portray patient roles in simulation-based education

                    Speaker: Felicity Blackstock


                    An argument for competency-based training in pelvic floor physiotherapy practice

                    Speaker: Helena Frawley


                    The ‘Spinal Log’: Providing enhanced feedback on spinal passive accessory assessment and mobilisation.

                    Speaker: David Kelly


                    Room: Ballroom 1

                    Round table:

                    What is the future brand we want for physiotherapy?


                    Room: Ballroom 2

                    Round table:

                    Public policy strategy, what are the NEXT challenges?


                    Room: Ballroom 3

                    Round table:

                    How many graduates are too many?
                    12.55 – 1.55pm
                    Lunch and exhibition
                    Room: Grand ballroom
                    Leading the future workforce

                    Keynote speaker: Avril Henry
                    Conference closing


                    Abstract Submissions have now closed. Thank you to all who submitted an abstract for NEXT 2018, we received a record 97 submissions. If you submitted an abstract you can expect to hear the result by the end of May.

                    Networking during the conference

                    The conference provides many opportunities to network and catch up with colleagues and friends.
                    Two highlights are the Welcome Reception and the Conference Dinner, a chance to dance the night away!


                    With an expected audience of around 300 and an exhibition of 45 sponsors and exhibitors, the NEXT 2018 Conference will bring together industry professionals from across Australia and promises to be an excellent learning and networking opportunity. Registration rates for NEXT 2018 are listed below.
                    Early bird registrations open 26 March 2018.

                    Registration type Member * Non-member
                    Early bird full registration
                    Early bird expires Tuesday 31 July 2018.
                    $850 $1105
                    Standard full registration
                    Standard rates apply from Wednesday 1 August 2018.
                    $1020 $1326
                    One day registration $400 $500
                    Two day registration $680 $780
                    #Undergraduate student/retiree – full registration $450 $550
                    #Postgraduate student/early career (2016/17) – full registration $700 $950
                    Support staff, One day registration (Saturday 6 October only, includes Dinner ticket) $330 $330
                    Additional Dinner ticket $150 $150
                    Additional Welcome Reception ticket $85 $85

                    * Members of Physiotherapy New Zealand, Singapore Physiotherapy Association and Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association are very welcome to attend at the APA member rates.
                    # Supporting evidence required

                    Sponsors & Exhibitors

                    The Australian Physiotherapy Association is excited to invite you to partner with us in presenting at the NEXT 2018 Conference. With an expected audience of around 300 national attendees and an exhibition of 45 booths, the NEXT 2018 Conference will bring together industry professionals from across Australia and promises to be an excellent networking opportunity. Showcase and expose your products and services to physiotherapy practitioners, practice managers, business leaders and other allied health clinicians.

                    Thanks to our sponsors

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                    Where to stay during the conference

                    NEXT 2018 will be held at the Hobart Convention and Exhibition Centre at the Hotel Grand Chancellor. The hotel is conveniently located on the waterfront, surrounded by ample parking and just a short walk from Hobart’s CBD. NEXT 2018 delegates have been offered discounted rates at Hotel Grand Chancellor during the conference.

                    Venue & Location

                    • 1 Davey St, Hobart TAS 7000
                    • info@grandchancellorhotels.com
                    • (03) 6235 4535
                    • 7:30 - 22:00
                    • Find out more